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Gala Brookfield Baigent

Gala Brookfield is a natural, stable mutant of Gala Royal. The variety was found in Hawke Buy orchard in 1985 in New Zealand. It is perceived by consumers as one of the most attractive and tasty sports of Gala.


  • It grows moderately strongly with a tendency to lower branches.
  • Fructification: It does not have a tendency of fructification alternation. Bears fruit every year. The crops are abundant and the fruit mature early. It enters the fructification period early and fructifies abundantly.
  • Harvest: Gala Brookfield fruit matures at the beginning of September.
  • Health: Susceptible to scab and bacterial cancer, slightly susceptible to mildew. Typical for Gala.


  • The fruit is big and medium, from 70 to 75 mm.
  • Their are conical and red and purple with numerous darker stripes.
  • Shiny, hard and smooth skin.
  • The fruit is supple and aromatic the pulp is cream-coloured, crispy, sweet and juicy. In the consumption phase the fruit has an intensive aroma.
  • Storage: Very good storage properties. Great suppleness after the removal from the refrigerator, in CA even by the end of June.


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